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About IDEAL Gas Springs Pvt. Ltd.

We excel in IDEAL is a team of dynamic engineers having 20 to 25 years of wide experience in design, development and manufacturing of Gas Spring and now they have made their experience available to the customers with cost effective and reliable solutions.
Ideal Gas Springs, manufactures gas filled springs used for opening, lifting, closing, adjusting and positioning applications in varied fields. Ideal is the OEM supplier to the leading Indian and overseas Manufacturer, Supplier of automobiles, domestic furniture, industrial equipments, hospital furniture, passenger seats and chairs.


Our Products

Ideal Height Chair Gas Spring

IDEAL HEIGHT Chair Gas Spring

  • IDEAL HEIGHT gas spring can be locked in any intermediate position, but it can only be used in a vertical position, This is the commonly used type in chairs with height adjustment...
Lockable Gas Spring

Lockable Gas Spring (Ideal - Block)

  • Lockable Gas Springs have the mechanism that enables the piston rod to be locked at any position in its stroke..

Non-Lockable Gas Spring (Ideal - Lift)

  • The Gas Spring is a Hydro - Pneumatic Adjusting Element with Pressure Tube, Piston Rod and End Fittings. It Contains High Pressurized Nitrogen.
Dampers For Solar Tracking Systems

Dampers For Solar Tracking Systems

  • IDEAL Oil dampers use hydraulic oil damping in two directions of extension and compression, which offer speed and motion control,


Awards & Achievement

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