IDEAL HEIGHT Chair Gas Springs

  • This is the commonly used type in chairs with height adjustment. It freely rotates on it's own axis
  • IDEAL HEIGHT gas spring can be locked in any intermediate position,
  • IDEAL HEIGHT gas springs are specifically designed and manufactured for various applications where step-less height adjustments are required.
  • It can be locked at any desired height for a comfortable seating position.
  • It can only be used in a vertical position.
  • The standard strokes are 80 mm, 100mm & 125 mm.

Advantages of IDEAL Gas Struts

As Compared to Coil Springs, Gas Spring has an Extremely Flat, Nearly Linear Characteristic Curve, which Facilitates Uniform Comfortable Adjustment or Pivoting Movement.

Also, its Another Advantage Over Mechanical Spring , is Damping . When Gas Spring is Installed Piston Rod Facing Downwards, During Extension it First Travels Through Gas Portion and then through Oil Portion. The Oil Dampens the Movement and Reduces the Speed Considerably.

However, the Extension Speed and Damping Characteristics Can be Adjusted as Per Applications Requirement.

Application : The Gas Spring has Wide Application Range, it Varies From Automobile to Machine Tools, House Hold Furniture, Over Head Filing Cabinat and Kitchen Cabinets. Also it Can be Designed as Per Specific Requirements.

Other Advantages and Benefits Are :

  • Automatic and Damped, Force Supported Opening
  • Secure Holding in Place
  • Compact Design
  • Easy to Mount

  • Maintenance Free
  • Modern Technology
  • Fatigue Free
  • Single Person Can Lift Heavy Doors Easily.

Application of IDEAL-HEIGHT

IDEAL-HEIGHT are used in a variety of Office furniture and Industrial applications. Some of the most popular among these are as follows -

  • Swivel Chairs for efficient and infinite adjustment
  • Industrial chairs and stools for ergonomic seating in the industry.
  • Engineering the requirements &finalizing the Hardware needed for controls.
revolving-chair ideal-height-chair-gas-spring3

IDEAL Gas Struts / Gas Springs Lift Tips and Hints

The Gas Spring is a Hydro - Pneumatic Element Having Pressurized Nitrogen Gas.

To Avoid Mishandling Following are the Precautions one has to Take.

  • Do not Ttry to Open the Gas Spring by Any Means.
  • Do not Heat the Gas Spring or Do not Put it Into the Fire Directly.
  • Please Ensure its Proper Alignment to Have Maximum Life of the Gas Spring.
  • Do not Scratch, Dent, Hammer the Piston Rod it Detoriates / Reduces its Life.
  • Do not Apply Thinner or Paint on Piston Rod.
  • In any Case Do not Try to Refill the Gas.