Ideal Gas Springs
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IDEAL is a team of dynamic engineers having 20 to 25 years of wide experience in design, development and manufacturing of Gas Spring and now they have made their experience available to the customers with cost effective and reliable solutions.

IDEAL is committed to provide quality material at competitive cost as per customer's timely requirement.

Our Strength - Application Engineering

• Gas Springs tailored to the customer's specific needs.
• Fine tuning of performance with the customer's involvement
• Offers services from design, product development, application support to installation recommendations.



company photo
Mandar Kulkarni
Mr. Mandar Kulkarni
Managing Director
is having 20 years experience in Designing of Gas springs and sound Knowledge in technology. He has master mind in innovative design.
Mahesh Goliwadekar
Mr . Mahesh Goliwadekar
is having wide experience in Designing of Gas springs and sound Knowledge in technology. He has master mind in innovative design. Also works as as MR of the IDEAL
Ajit Deshpande
Mr. Ajit Deshpande
Looking after purchase department for handling and control of over all activities from puchase department
Prasad Jangam
Mr. Prasad Jangam
Looking after Quality department for the raw material inspection , Developing tooling, designing jigs and fixtures and quality control. testing , working and life cycle of the gas springs
Abhay Soman
Mr. Abhay Soman
Looking after production department to handle the overall activities carried out by the production deapartment with production planning and control
Mision & Vision

As in the case of any innovation and establishment, IDEAL GAS SPRINGS PVT LTD also have lot of dreams to fulfill with many miles to go. BUT UNLIKE others, we are with a vision to expand our activities not only to benefit our industry but also contribute to the nation's economy, by way of taxes, foreign exchange and above all employment potential to the youths and qualified with all those facilities, if not possible to better, at least within the government norms with all facilities like medical, insurance, provident fund and many more.

We firmly believe that the employees are the back bone of our Industry and the customers are our godfathers. In between there are many angles called REPRESENTATIVES, DEALERS, DISTRIBUTORS, SERVICE PROVIDERS and many so on.

THEREFORE, we have a vision to grow more and more to be useful to all those mentioned here and also to keep a place in the future for our next generation and hence planning to increase the production of our present range and also add more to the list - but with utmost care for quality and price reasonability so that the GOAL of national contribution can be achieved.

• Tube Parting Machines
• Tube Spinning Machines
• Projection Welding
• Riveting Machines
• Dimpling Machines
• Tube Closing Machines
• Gas Charging Machines
• Hydro pneumatic Press
• Force Testing Machines
• Cycle Testing Machines
• Block Testing Machines
• Punching Machines
facility manufacturing
Quality Assurance
Endurance Testing Machine
Force Testing Machine
Weld Joint Strength Checking Machine
Endurance Testing Machines
Force Testing Machines
Weld Joint Strength Checking Machines
Profile Projector
Surface Roughness Tester
Dyna scan
Profile Projector
Surface Roughness Tester
Dyna scan